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Colour your Sky with Flag Shop Canada

Whether your needs are a Flag, Banner or Flagpole for your business, cottage or house or you would like to produce a Unique flag or banner with your company logo, ATCAN DISPLAY is here to help you with your specific requests.

If you have questions about specifications for flagpoles and/or parts or installation, a flagpole specialist is ready to answer your questions. Our Staff are knowledgeable and helpful and it is our goal to make your transaction with ATCAN DISPLAY a positive one.

Canadian Flags

canadian flag

The Official Flag of Canada

A little expertise and experience goes a long way towards providing you with best possible product to suite your needs. We carry a wide variety of Canadian, Provincial and International Flags. The Canadian Flag is a beautiful flag and can be proudly displayed in many locations. It is often seen with other provincial and international flags or custom made flags for businesses.

*Some flags and sizes now available in 210 Denier Nylon, Please inquire.

Size Nylon 200 Denier Nylon 210 Denier Marine Grade/Sewn
10"x6" $3.99 n/a n/a
24"x12" $17.99 n/a $29.99
36"x18" $22.99 n/a $36.99
54"x27" $34.99 n/a $56.99
72"x36" $47.99 $57.99 $77.99
90"x45" $79.99 $88.99 $119.99
108"x54" $89.99 $99.99 $139.99
144"x72" $189.99 $209.99 $229.99

CANADA 150 - while supplies last!

NYLON 36 x 72" - $85.99 ea

DURAPOLY 36 x 72" - $59.99 ea

DURAPOLY 27 x 54" - $49.99 ea

4 x 6" Paper Stick flags - please call for quantity pricing

FEATHER and TEARDROP flags, pole and ground spike from $199.00

Provincial Flags, Territorial, USA & UK Flags


Flags of Provinces and Territories

Canada's 10 Provinces and 3 Territories are well represented with their own beautiful flags. We are able to provide you with a wide variety of sizes - whatever your needs are.

The World is your oyster and so is our selection of flags. Every country has a flag they are currently endorsing and many have a long history of flags. The evolution of flags over time can be quite interesting and we are happy to help you with any of these various flags. Not sure what you are looking for? Contact us and we will find out for you!

*some flags now available in 210 Denier, Please inquire.

Size Nylon NB, PQ Acadia 200 Denier Others
10" x6" $5.99 $6.99
24" x 12" $23.99 $25.99
36" x 18" $36.99 $41.99
54" x 27" $51.99 $51.99
72" x 36" $69.99 $74.99
90" x 45" $109.99 $129.99
108" x 54" $159.99 $169.99
144" x 72" $339.99 $359.99

**Prices subject to change without notice. Please confirm when ordering. Call us about quantity discounts.


Got an upcoming Special occasion or event?

We rent Flags, Poles & Bases for indoor events. Contact us for special pricing!

Custom Flags and Banners, Canister Roll Up Banners, Tents, Table Cloths


Digital printing is now a reality in the process of making flags and banners. We can turn any of your ideas into a beautiful flag or banner to add some colour to your sky! From promoting your business to flying a family crest or photo and enjoying it from your own home, we can help. The Sky is the limit!

It is also possible to print flags & banners of all sizes. Contact us for your special pricing on custom flags of all sizes!

A little expertise and experience goes a long way, at ATCAN DISPLAY - Your Flag Shop Canada, we believe in sharing our expertise with our clients to ensure they receive the best product possible. That is our commitment.

We can also help with your promotional advertising needs with Custom Roll Up Canister Banners, Custom Feather/Drop or Blade Banners, Custom table cloths and tents.

We can provide vector art conversion of your files.

Please contact us for further information, artwork requirements and quotes at:

Message Flags and Banners

We have a variety of message flags and banners in stock. Flags starting at $14.99, Feather/Drop message flags starting at $129.99

Seasonal and Occasional Flags and Banners!

seasonal flags

These are an exciting option to jazz up your residential or commercial flag pole or give as gifts. They can also be customized to promote your village, town or business!

We offer single face reverse images, or double sided. They are made to order and can be done in whatever size you need to fit your banner pole.

Contact us today for pricing!

We have a selection of SPORTS FLAGS; NHL, NFL, CFL, Blue Jays and Raptors, Valentine, St. Patrick's, Halloween, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, WELCOME, OPEN, FOR RENT, Checker flags, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Seasonal Flag/Banners 24x48" and 12x18", Christmas, Novelty flags, Bob Marley, or just a colourful banner to brighten your day!


Flagpoles serve many purposes. You can fly a flag, display information, enhance the appearance of your property, "make a statement", or serve some specific need. We supply Heavy Duty Commercial and Architectural cone-tapered flagpoles, with internal or external halyards which provide the finest style and beauty to enhance most architectural projects, both business and residential. Although available in a variety of materials, aluminum offers the best value when purchase price, maintenance and pole life is considered.

Please inquire for pricing, volume discounts apply.

Residential Pole Kit

For the budget conscious individual, we offer residential flagpoles suitable for most homes and cottages starting at $199.99.

20', 5pc Sectional Satin finish Anodized Aluminum flagpole.

This pole has a 2" Diameter, 5 sections, comes complete with gold ball top and pulley system, cleats, rope, flag clips and ground sleeve. All in 1 box and fits right in your car!!

ONLY $199.99 each

Banner Poles

Banner Poles

Advertise your presence. Our custom designed banner poles, capable of carrying either single or double banners, will enable you reach your customers, display information and attract the attention of passerby's, whether on-foot or in a vehicle.

Used extensively in large traffic areas, such as expositions, fairgrounds, malls, plazas and boulevards, banner poles are an effective means of making a statement.

Our staff is available to work with you in designing a banner pole to most effectively get your message across to those that you are trying to reach.

As in the case of flagpoles, aluminum offers the best value as a material for banner poles.

Nautical Flagpoles

Nautical flagpoles

Nautical flagpoles are custom made and are meant to represent the sailing vessels from our maritime heritage. They are ideally suited for marinas and coastal areas associated with marine activities.

Nautical flagpoles may have either a yardarm only or a yardarm and gaff. The yardarm is the horizontal spar used to support and spread a square sail. The gaff is the spar rising aft from the mast to support the head of a quadrilateral fore-and-aft sail. On a nautical flagpole, the yardarm and gaff are used to fly flags.

Nautical flagpoles are equipped with multiple halyards enabling you to fly a number of different flags. The gaff is considered the position of honour and the national flag of the host country is flown from there.

Indoor and Wall Mounted Flagpoles

indoor poles

Free Standing and Wall Mounted Flagpoles

We carry an assortment of free-standing and wall mounted Indoor and Outdoor Flagpoles

  • The most popular Indoor Flagpole we carry is the Solid Oak 2-piece, 8'x1" flagpole.

Price - $95.99

  • We also have the Chrome or Gold Color Aluminum 2-piece, 8'x1" Flagpoles

Prices - $31.99 and $39.99

Residential Wall Mount Flagpoles

Wall mount flagpoles are an excellent complement to your home or business. Mounting these in an accessible location provides you with the ability to lift your flag and pole out if you are going away or want to change the flag.

  • 2-Piece White Spinning 6'x1" Flagpole
    This flagpole is equipped with attached gold ball top and two flag clips that continuously spin preventing the flag from wrapping around the pole.

Price - $45.99
Kit including adjustable bracket - $59.99

  • 2-Piece wooden flagpole equipped with attached wooden top and two spinning flag clips

Price - $34.99

Adjustable 1" poles and mounts starting at $27.99 ea

Banner poles starting at $24.99 ea

Commercial Roof and Wall Mount Flagpoles

flag on building

1 1/2" Pole diameter for strength. 7' - 12' lengths. Fittings include: gold vinyl ball ornament, and zinc plated steel eyebolts and stainless steel clips for attaching your flag. Also available with a vertical wall mount and Atcan's own Super Fly Anti Tangle Arm to keep your flag in a flying position and tangle free. Poles are lightweight and easy to install plus it won't rust! We also offer installation, quotes provided.

  • 8' - $109.99
  • 10' - 119.99
  • 12' - $129.99


Mounts available in vertical, angled and adjustable angle or roof mount in welded steel construction. Please call for quote specific to your needs.

Flagpole Bases and Tops

flagpole top

We carry a variety of indoor and outdoor flagpole bases and mounts

Below are a few that we have in stock:

Folding brass finish economy stand $36.99
12" Diameter stand, brass finish, bright finish $85.99
Adjustable wall mount for 1" Pole $29.99
Fixed wall mount for 1" Pole $18.49
Heavy duty wall mount for 1" Pole $59.99
Gold Color plastic acorn top for 1" $ 5.49
Anodized spun aluminum spear top for 1" $29.99
Brass spear top for 1" $54.99
Brass maple leaf top for 1" $54.99

**Prices subject to change without notice. Please confirm when ordering.